Studio Days

An impression of working at our studio, situated in a rich old neighbourhood of Amsterdam, just south of the Vondelpark. 

The building is from 1930. We reference it in our WiFi password. The front room where I work has two grand windows that open over the street. Above the windows are sets of stained-glass windows, also from 1930. They were handmade in Haarlem. In the middle room there isn’t much light; instead there is a large fireplace and a tall, very heavy slab of lacquered wood panelling. In the middle of the panel is an abstract oil painting in a palette of colours we wouldn’t use today. 

The house doesn’t feel haunted but she knows how to express herself. There’s a door that refuses to lock. The mirror hanging over the toilet recently fell and shattered. One heater refuses to turn off – we spent winter days working in t-shirts! and the wallpaper has incomprehensible notes written in chalk. We don’t know how long we will be able to stay. I hope we can stay forever.

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