Pronk & van Bommel: Amsterdam School Stained Glass

So in our 1930s studio we have these incredible stained-glass windows. Over the bay window, in the bottom right corner of the stained-glass quadriptych* there was a signature that said “Jaap Pronk & v Bommel Haarlem”. So I looked them up and found out some cool deets. 

Jaap Pronk and Eduard van Bommel were two glass artisans (glazenier in Dutch, vitrailliste in French) who apprenticed under Willem Bogtman in the early 20th century and started their own glass workshop in 1924. They did tons of windows, amongst which the windows here in the studio. I have trouble defining the style: it has influences of the Amsterdam School and some Art Nouveau, maybe mostly Art Deco? But the little hand-decorated effects on the glass give it a certain organic vibe, and allows for a lot of texture and shape that have nothing to do with the simple geometric leading surrounding them. 

Below is other work that they did.

*I googled “triptych but four”

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